I prefer a sensual, non-hurried experience to fully enjoy our time, so a minimum a 2 hour session after our initial meeting is recommended. I am available most weekdays and evenings until around 10pm and by special arrangement on weekends. Visits in Tulsa will be at my private downtown apartment or a 4 -5 star hotel of your choice. In other cities, visits will be at a 4 -5 star hotel or private residence of my choice. Please do not ask me to come to your private residence as I will always politely decline until I know you much better. During visits, I will bring lingerie, candles, music, massage oils, and anything else I feel necessary to add to our experience. If you have any special requests for our visit please let me know ahead of time and I will do my best to accommodate.

Becoming Friends – Though I prefer longer engagements, this gives us an opportunity to get to know one another and feel comfortable before spending alot of quality time together. 1 hour $350

Lasting Impressions – This is wonderful first meeting timeframe as it allows us time to get to know each other and relax before we move into a time of private discovery. 1.5 hours $500

Lingering Moments – A quick snack or cocktail to catch up and some private discovery, or re-discovery! 2 hours $675

Anticipation – A leisurely rendezvous over lunch or cocktail along with some private discovery, or re-discovery! 3 hours $975

Indulgence – Lunch or Dinner and dessert, time well spent relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. 4 hours $1,200

Interactive Couples – I love to entertain couples as well and require a becoming friends session ahead of time. It is important to set chemistry and plan the best experience for all involved as possible. + $200/hour


I am available for extended visits and travel, please email me and let me know what you have in mind. Please note that all requests for travel dates must submit a proper email.

Cancellations: Life gets busy and things come up- I completely understand this. However, as this is my livelihood, cancellations can have an undesirable impact on my financial planning. As such, I request that you consider any cancellations very seriously. I respect your time by being available when you need me; please respect my time by following through on your plans whenever possible, and keeping me informed of possible changes.


Gifts are never expected. I have added this section to my website because I am frequently asked about what gifts I would like.  The best gift you can give me is your repeat patronage!

My favorite gift would be a donation to a charity!  I strive to be an asset to the community, especially for women.  Some of my favorite charities:

If you prefer something more traditional, or to spoil me… I love being pampered and would welcome a gift card to my favorite spa or salon:

I  love to look good! Gift cards are usually the best way to go but my sizes are listed below if you would like to pick something out.  I have wish lists set up on several of the website below that will give you specific items and sizes. Your best bet is anything from Free People, Michael Kors or Kate Spade!  And of course, who cannot ever use an Amazon or Visa gift card!


  • Dress – 6
  • Bra – 34C
  • Shoe – 8
  • Top – small/medium
  • Panties – small
  • Jeans – 26-27 waist, 34 length


Communication: I love to use e-mail and can access it anywhere anytime on my pda, but if you would like to chat on the phone or via text, let me know what number to call and when would be the best time to reach you. I do like my beauty rest and my cellular devices go off at night.

Advanced Booking: Last minute appointments usually don’t work for me. It’s possible that same day appointments can be arranged with several hours’ notice. In order to accommodate our desire for an amazing experience, advanced scheduling is recommended; usually a day or two is sufficient, and further advanced notice is always welcome. I’ll confirm with you before our scheduled time to make sure that everything is in order.

Rates:  My rates are based on the value I have for my time and companionship. I do not offer reduced rates at this time.

Your Qualities and Hygiene:  Of course, looks are always captivating bait, but it’s what’s inside that really counts! Attractive elements include, but are not limited to: quiet confidence, intelligence, ambition, respect, kindness, generosity, playful wit, a sense of adventure with a touch of reckless abandonment, earnest charm, elegance, skill and passion. Your own personal hygiene is just as important. Please come to our appointments, freshly showered and shaven with fresh breath. I take a lot of pride in my own appearance and prefer a companion who does so as well.

Client Selection: I keep my circle of friends small and limited to those whose company I truly enjoy. If you think we might be compatible, contact me via e-mail, tell me a little bit about you and we can start getting to know each other.

Experiences Without Compensation:  While I enjoy our time together, please respect the nature of our relationship. As a courtesan, I cannot casually date the gentlemen with whom I choose to spend time. I do have social rates which can be discussed if you would like to enjoy my company in such a manner.

Drinking, Smoking & Drugs: I do not smoke or do drugs and prefer my companions not to smoke around me or partake in drugs. I am very health conscious and am mindful of how I treat my body. I also do not enjoy the smell surrounding someone who smokes.  I enjoy the occasional glass or two of wine, and am open to enjoying both red and white while we get to know each other. I also love vodka and hypnotik. Please note that I must be present when the wine is opened and depending on my training regime I may not be able to join you for a drink. You are welcome to a glass of wine in my presence, even if I cannot join you.

Photos and Videos: I do not allow photos or videos of our experiences. Our time is private and should remain discreet. Please respect my decision and do not make any related requests.