What are you looking for in a man? Of course, looks are always captivating bait, but it’s what’s inside that really counts! Attractive elements include, but are not limited to: quiet confidence, intelligence, ambition, respect, kindness, generosity, playful wit, a sense of adventure with a touch of reckless abandonment, earnest charm, elegance, skill and passion.

How do you select your clients? I keep my circle of friends small and limited to those whose company I truly enjoy. If you think we might be compatible, contact me via e-mail, tell me a little bit about you and we can start getting to know each other.

Is advanced scheduling necessary? Last minute appointments usually don’t work for me. It’s possible that same day appointments can be arranged with several hours’ notice. In order to accommodate our desire for an amazing experience, advanced scheduling is recommended; usually a day or two is sufficient, and further advanced notice is always welcome. I’ll confirm with you before our scheduled time to make sure that everything is in order.

Are your rates negotiable? My rates are based on the value I have for my time and companionship. I do not offer reduced rates at this time.

What sign are you? I’m a Virgo. See www.AstrologyZone.com, for further information on compatibility and personality traits.

What is a turn-off for you? I dislike smoking, drugs, poor hygiene, impatience, rudeness, and risky behavior.

What are your stats? I’m a gracefully mature 40-something, standing a barefoot, statuesque 5′-7″,  34C with perfectly soft skin, long legs and a flat tummy (adorned with a navel piercing), a nice backside and lady-like manners.

What is the best way to communicate with you? I love to use e-mail and can access it anywhere anytime on my pda, but if you would like to chat on the phone or via text, let me know what number to call and when would be the best time to reach you. I do like my beauty rest and my cellular devices go off at night.

Are the photos on the site really you?  Are they accurate? Yes they are! They are professional photos as I am a model in addition to being a companion, an entrepreneur, and a business professional. Don’t worry, those who have met me agree that my photos are an accurate representation of who I am in person. In fact, I am often told that my photos don’t do me justice! If you are not satisfied with my appearance when you arrive you are free to leave.

What exactly do you offer? A stimulating and exciting experience in which we will both be fully satisfied! I hope to develop a connection in which we look forward to seeing each other again and again.  I am soft and sensual but definitely have a wild and naughty side, the only way to see is to come and explore!

What will you be wearing?I always present myself tastefully and discreetly. If you have any special requests feel free to ask! I will come meet you moderately dressed appropriate for the venue. Once we are in private, I will change into a more appropriate outfit for our fantasy experience. I have a large wardrobe and an array of lingerie so feel free to ask if you have something in mind.

Are you available for duos?  Do you see couples? Definitely! I enjoy the pleasures that come with adding someone else into the mix and love to explore a beautiful woman!  Just ask me about joining you and your special lady or whatever your fantasy is!

Do you travel? I am certainly open to travel! All extraordinary expenses are to be covered by you and a deposit is required. There is also a more rigorous screening process.

Do you offer role-play and fetishes? I absolutely love role-play scenarios! Again, for me it is all about the experience and creating a moment to be long remembered.  There are however, a few things that I will not consider along the lines of degradation demoralizing acts. I just cannot get into them and would not be any fun for you. I do not judge this by any means and am open to discuss anything with you. Please visit my blog to read about some of my favorite and diverse experiences.

Why do you ask for references? My time as a companion is limited and I am very selective of who I see, good references will help to increase your chance of getting an appointment with me. If you do not have references please do not hesitate to contact me and we will find an alternative method of screening. The more information you provide me with the easier it is for me to screen you.

Is this your career? I am a University graduate with a master’s degree and have a career in business. I am also a model and an entrepreneur with a enterprise on the go, which also keeps me very busy.

Why do you work as a courtesan if you have a solid career? I love the company of a distinguished man and cherish the experiences this has afforded me. I am an independent woman and have the luxury to choose how I spend my free time. I love being a companion and couldn’t image not being a courtesan.

Do you smoke or do any drugs? No, I do not. I am very health conscious and am mindful of how I treat my body.

Do you drink? I enjoy the occasional glass or two of wine, and am open to enjoying both red and white while we get to know each other. I also love vodka and Viniq.

Do you allow pictures or videos during our encounter? No. Our time is private and should remain discreet. Please respect my decision and do not make any related requests.

Can we go out for a date or drinks without any compensation? While I enjoy our time together, please respect the nature of our relationship.  As a courtesan, I cannot casually date the gentlemen with whom I choose to spend time.  I do have social rates which can be discussed if you would like to enjoy my company in such a manner.