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I am so pleased you are considering spending some time with me!

To book an appointment:

It is important that you first read the information I have included on my site  thoroughly. Next, email me the booking information needed below. I cannot confirm an engagement with you unless I receive this information. You can be assured that the information you submit will be handled in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Please do not contact me unless you are familiar with my consideration.

  • I will ignore emails with vulgar, lewd, or sexually explicit language. I will also ignore communications which ask about information attainable through my website, and emails requesting illegal services.
  • I will also ignore emails that are one-liners and do not show me your personality. Please do not write to me using juvenile abbreviations (“texting” language such as “Ur” for “Your” or “You are”). Good first impressions go a long way with me. 🙂

Booking Information:

Please fill out the answers to the following questions. You can copy and paste these and your answers to an email, and send it to or fill out the below .

Make sure you are contacting me at least a few days before you would like to meet if we will be meeting in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, and at least a week if we will meet elsewhere. While I endeavor to respond within 24 hours to your email, this is not always feasible for me, especially if I am traveling abroad. Please allow at least 48-72 hours for my response.


Verification Email

 First and last name:

Email address (Think twice about using your office email- perhaps or would be more secure):

Number at which you prefer I contact you and preferred method of contact (text, email, phone, etc):

Date and time of desired engagement:

Location of desired engagement (city, state):

Hotel at which you will be staying:

Duration of desired engagement:

How did you find me? Please don’t say “the ‘Net”. I know that already! 😉 Be as specific as possible. Ex., Google (add search terms), message board (please name it), Pearl Elite, Online Directory (please name it), Eros Guide, Referral from a friend, link on another companion’s site

Please write a letter of introduction and tell me about yourself, OR answer a few of the following questions:

1. What are you currently reading? (Or, what was the last thing you read?)

2. What is your favorite drink?

3. What kind of food is your favorite?

4. Where was your favorite vacation?

5. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time (i.e., hobbies, pastimes, etc.)?

6. What is your Meyers-Briggs personality type?


Cancellations: I hate cancellations, so be sure your schedule will allow our meeting, and try to avoid contacting me if you are not serious about meeting me. I do not care to exchange numerous emails with someone who has no intention of scheduling. You can get to know me and communicate with me via my website. Once we’ve met and established a rapport, I would love to engage in email banter with you!

Appointment Etiquette

Appointment Etiquette: Once our appointment commences, I will expect the my gift consideration to have been discreetly handed to me at the dinner table inside of a greeting card, on the envelope of which will be written “Gift for Brooke.” This should be tucked inside of a gift bag, book, or magazine for further discretion.* If this does not occur within 15 minutes of the commencement of our experience, I will have to excuse myself and take leave of our table. Please don’t make me have to do this. It embarrasses both of us and baffles the waiters. *I do not like receiving plain envelopes. This looks terribly obvious, and I consider it disrespectful.

If you have further questions or if extra discretion is needed in your particular situation, please email me.